I’m interested in genealogy. I started collecting information on my family several years ago before the Internet gave me access to so much information and people. Since going on line I have had several Vint’s from around the world contact me for information – so far I haven’t connected with a long lost branch of the family, but it is fun anyway.

I have two resources currently:

  • My family history in text and pictures is on ancestry.com. You can view this if your a member
  • Notes from other Vint’s looking for information

Over the past year or so I have been contacted by various Vints on the Internet. So far no one has turned up as a long lost cousin or member of royalty. I’ve put this page together to collect and present the information that I have received in the hopes of solving a couple of questions:

What I intend to do is place the information that I was provided here on this page to allow others to see who is out there and maybe make some family connections. In a few cases people have asked that I not publish their name directly and I will act as a go between to setup a first contact if the parties are interested. I have also linked to my complete genealogy information as well as others when available, so you can see the complete details.

Until recently (1988) I (Danny Richard Vint) didn’t know much about my family. My dad (Richard Carroll Vint) was born in Wisconsin and his father (Carroll Armitage Vint) was born in Iowa. My grandfather never provided much information about his family and childhood. My mother in the old fashion way of writing real letters to Vints that were in the Wisconsin area connected with the wife of an Uncle that my dad never knew about and we got all the details of his family and a couple more levels back.

What is the origin of the Vint name?

For the longest time my family has thought that Vint came from Germany. With the additional information we received we have modified this to think the name might have been Vent of Vendt from either Germany or Denmark. The following are some of the other thoughts about the origin of the name that I have received.

“My father thinks the name “Vint” originated somehow with the Norman invasion. My oldest brother thinks this theory is nonsense and believes that the name came from Norway or Sweden where there are towns with the name Vint as a prefix, i.e., Vintholm, etc….. and that during the Viking era, the suffix was dropped as some of these Scandinavians populated Scotland, and Ireland. As you can see, we don’t have a clue as to the origin of our name…….”

Another says …

“Vint is a Scottish name. In Gaelic it means quick of tongue. No royalty just simple folk. Mostly from the Orkney isles of Scotland. My family left Scotland and went to Ireland then to England”

And another says …

“On the Vint name I reckon that it comes from Europe but don’t know where – I trace my line back to Northern Ireland and I believe that the Vint name appeared in Northern Ireland with the Huguenots from France, it doesn’t however appear to be a French name, so it is possible that there is a German influence after all!”

Are we related?

So far I haven’t hooked up with anyone in my particular branch, but maybe one day that will happen. Here are some tools for trying to find more information.

  • I have a guest book that you can read or leave requests for information or ways to contact other Vint’s looking their roots. Read my guest book. Comment or request information in my guest book.
  • Or send me email dvint@dvint.com
  • Vint Family Genealogy Forum
  • Allan S. Vint (asvint@thefreeinternet.co.uk) is maintaining a site at: www.vintweb.com. Allan lives in Glasgow, Scotland and has traced the family line back to Northern Ireland.
  • Alan Vint (VINT44@aol.com) My grand-father was orphaned and we have no birth records on him, only the name so we cannot trace our family history. We don’t know what the name is or where it came from. Rumor has it that my great grandfather’s name was Dan Vint. My dad, Jesse Lee Vint Jr., was president of Unit Rig & Equipment Company out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. His brother, Bill, was one of the top radiologists in the country. They have a half brother, Ed, who was a banker and I believe might have been in the Texas state legislature.

    My brother Jess and I ended up in the entertainment business, both actors. Years ago we had the lead roles in a film “Macon County Line” which set box office records all over the country. Jess still pursues it, I walked away from it more than twenty years ago. I did, however, just direct my first film in the fall of 1999, a little over a year ago.

    Some of the movies Alan Vint appears in are:

    • Panic In Needle Park
    • Badlands
    • Macon County Line
    • Two Lane Blacktop
    • Earthquake

  • Jesse Lee Vint III (jessevint@hotmail.com) jessevint.com, born and raised in Tulsa. Brother of Alan Vint. Grandson is named Jesse Lee Vint 5th, age ten in Bishop, California. Son is Jesse Lee Vint 4th, lives in Los Angeles.

    A few of the pictures Jesse appears in:

    • Macon County Line (1974)
    • Chinatown (1974)
    • Earthquake (1974)
    • Silent Running (1971)
    • Little Big Man (1970)

  • Kelly Vint actress – daughter of Alan Vint has appeared in:
    • Space Jam
    • Stargate (young Catherine)
    • TV show Thunder Alley
  • Angela Vint actress has appeared in:
    • Lars and the Real Girl
    • Urban Legend
  • Join the Vint DNA project. I have used my data from the National Geographic project.

Other connections to the name Vint:

  • I don’t know where this fits in, but I’ve come across a related place in Virginia called Vint Hill that was an Army communications and intelligence base. Originally a farm, it is first referred to as the “property now known as Vint Hill” in local records in 1803.
  • From Wikipedia:
    Vint is a Russian card-game, similar to both bridge and whist and it is sometimes referred to as Russian whist. Vint means a screw in Russian, and the name is given to the game because the four players, each in turn, propose, bid and overbid each other until one, having bid higher than the others care to follow, makes the trump, and his vis-a-vis plays as his partner.

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