Segerstrom Shelby Event Center, Irvine, California – October 7, 2023

I’ve known about this place for a few years but I have never stopped in. I had to go to Los Angeles for something and decided to go early to stop by. The Event Center is located in an industrial park and is pretty nondescript outside except for an old gas pump. The event center is a combination car collection and event center. You can rent this place for corporate parties and other events. There are meeting rooms as well as the entire floor with a bar. For me, the real attraction is the cars. Here you have a chance to see the various versions of Shelby autos. On one hand it is great to be able to visit a place like this to see all the models in one place. On the other hand, it is disappointing that all of these cars are in one place and not in the hands of individuals.

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