Hurricane, Utah – Feb 11, 2023

I was supposed to go with a local off road group to Sand Hollow but they decided I wouldn’t be able to keep up in the Subaru. I instead ended up doing a photography trip. I first visited Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada before moving on to Hurricane. I spent a few days exploring this area with visits to Zion National Park, Pipe Springs National Monument and Snow Canyon State Park. While in Hurricane we got a little dusting of snow. I decided to leave a day early not knowing how bad it might get. I also decided I wanted to visit the LA Art Show.

Returning from Utah I stopped to vist the Seven Magic mountain sculpture outside Las Vegas. I then took the long way into Los Angeles and hit part of Route 66 from Amboy to San Bernadino where I stayed in the WigWam motel. The next morning I drove along more of Route 66 heading towards downtown Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles I stopped in at the LA Art Show. I’m thinking next year I might try and show some work there and I wanted to get a feel for what was there.

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