Sturgeon Fishing – Suisun Bay and Slough, CA Mar 2014

Saturday morning started early as 6 fisher folk meet on the dock in Vallejo CA. We met Capt’n Steve of Hook’d Up Sport fishing and boarded the Top Gun a 27′ Sportcraft with 91/2′ Beam, powered by a 7.4liter 454CID Mercruiser.

We left the Vallejo Marina and headed north east to Suasion Bay. We went under the Carquinez bridge and headed up the straights past the moth ball fleet. We went to a spot that Capt’n Steve had scouted out the day before up the slough. After checking up stream to verify the fish were there, we set anchor on the clam beds and dropped our hooks.

It didn’t take long before we hooked our first sturgeon of the day. This was a shaker with a deformed tail of about 24 inches. A second sturgeon was hooked soon after that still too short. Then we hit the third fish and brought it aboard and took a measurement – 39.5 inches, just shy of the legal limit.

Our next experience was hooking into two monsters at the same time. The battle to bring these fish in was over 20 minutes.

In total we got two oversize (67 and 72 inch) fish on board, a third one took off running and took that tackle. We had one keeper that was 57″ and 5 that were undersized. Two of those were close to being keepers and the others were less than 24 inches. We caught most of those before 11am.

This is an 8 minute video showing 2 fish being brought in at the same time.

[aiovg_video mp4=”″]

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