New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, Sept 2003

The Barnum Museum, Bridgeport CT

There are no photos of the inside because they don’t allow photography!

Submarine Force Library & Museum, Groton CT

The Submarine Force Museum, located on the Thames River in Groton, Connecticut, maintains the world’s finest collection of submarine artifacts. It is the only submarine museum operated by the United States Navy, and as such is the primary repository for artifacts, documents and photographs relating to U.S. Submarine Force history. The museum traces the development of the “Silent Service” from David Bushnell’s Turtle, used in the Revolutionary War, to the Ohio and Virginia class submarines.

Franklin Mineral Museum, Franklin NJ

Have you ever been to a natural history museum and seen the collection of florescent rocks? Franklin is one of the location that these rocks come from. You can visit the museum and it’s exhibits as well as collect your own samples from the mine tailings.

West Point Academy, NY

West Point is located on the west bank of the Hudson river about an hour and a half north of New York City.

New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks CT

The New England Air Museum is owned and operated by the Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association, a private, non-profit educational institution organized in 1959. Located at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, the Museum is the largest aviation museum in New England.