Paramount Theater, Oakland CA, Dec 2001

The Paramount theater was designed in 1929 and the groundbreaking was Dec 11, 1930 it opened Dec 16, 1931. This was one of the last movie palaces that were built and Radio City Music hall was the last.

The Paramount stayed in business until 1970. Capable of holding orchestras, vaudeville acts or movies, it spent most of its time as a simple movie house.

In 1972 the Oakland Symphony acquired the Paramount for one million dollars. For another million dollars the Paramount was restored to its original state when it first opened.

The Paramount Theater is in full operation now. They still have concerts, ballets and a classic movie night. Twice a month they have tours. This is the second time I have taken the tour. The big difference was that there was a stage show going on, because of this the backstage was off limits and we had to clear the area early because of an afternoon show. For the best tour pick a time when there isn’t a stage production or show going on that day. For more information see

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