San Francisco Carnaval – May 2013

These images are from a workshop I took with Incredible Travel Photos and Oliver Klink. Saturday was spent in class talking about shooting images on the street and how to work the parade and locations. Most of my images here are actually from the staging areas as everyone was getting ready. We had free access to walk around and take pictures of the participants as they got ready and warmed up.

With the workshop we got press passes that allowed us to walk the parade route and mingle as much as we wanted. I didn’t get many images of the actual parade as my camera broke. The mirror detached while I was shooting. I had been using the multi-shot mode a lot and took a huge number of images. It had been a long time since I have shot like that and I think the camera just gave up. It was a good excuse to buy a new body. Canon actually repaired the camera for me as this was a design defect they had discovered several years ago.

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